Friday, 10 June 2011

i ain't good for anyone

life is hectic these busy with tuition,hws and and doing house chores and everything.i wish i could rewind back the time to my childhood life where i just lay on the sofa and watching mum did all the house chores.i have no hw at all.pfft.i want to rewind back the time.

during kindergarten,you've learned bout being friends with everybody.we started to have so many good friends and no enemies at all.we learned new topics.learned abc,mathematics,art and other things.we play so may new things with our friends like 'ting ting','kahwin kahwin','congkak' and many more.i still remember when i was five and six years old,i played with my brother's friends.erm,im like a tomboy la when i was still young.i dont have so many girlfriends there.only have 3 or 4 people.we played so many things.every evening we will go to taman and played kejar kejar la.and and the most best moment was when we played mercun and bunga api during ramadhan.

and during primary school,i got a bunch of crazy first primary school is seri bintang utara.i studied there for one years only then i shift to another school.i miss my friends at sbu.i wish we could meet up again.erm,the second school is seksyen 1 bdr kinrara.this was the best school ever.i started to have a crush here,i met my bff here and and i have enemies who turnout to be my friend here.a lot of events happened there.

then,secondary school life.when i was in form 1,i was alone.all of my friends were already shift to another school.i dont have any friends there.i went to recess alone.sat alone in class,everything alone.i try to make new friends but all of them are like shit.then in form 2,hanis came back.i was not alone now.i make new friends and somehow it turn to be my darlings forever.form 3 life was the bomb.learned so many things.fought with some girls.fought with the boys.started to fall in love with someone la.

erm,i dont want to talk bout form 4 and form 5 life cause its bored.i do the same thing everyday secondary school life have taught so many things.i learned to make friends.i learned to choose the right friends.i learned that happiness dont last.i learned that love is not a fairytale.learned bout heart break and being rejected.i learned from my mistakes and get up,right now,i look forward for a new life.look forward for a better future.

when we grow up,we wish we could turn back the time.turn back when the first time we larned to crawl or walk.unfortunately,the time we had are not refundable.we have to learn to appreciate our time.

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