Sunday, 12 June 2011

i wont let anyone take you away from me

im going back to tgb in 3 hours more.i will be back again during fasting month.pfft.lama lagi.sem 4 will begin tomorrow.this is the last sem for school.there will be no more school after this.i have to start study hard and prepared for the biggest more playing,no more sleeping in the class.i want to make my parents proud of me.i want to get straight A+ for my trial and spm too.

so i already checked the spm schedule.spm start on 14th november and end on 30th november.okay,i didnt counted the days but i think 150 days left for smp.i think la.i just estimated it.sorry if i given the wrong info.on 1st december,maybe i will lepak lepak with friends until 2 am.haha.

to all my friends especially hanis,t,zana,goodluck in your upcoming exam.aku sayang and rindu korang.we will meet again during raya or after spm.insyaallah.bye,people.will update soon.hehe.

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