Friday, 3 June 2011

nobody has made me feel the way you do

erm,i've literally miss my's been 3 months i havent met them.guys,i miss you.every night i dream about all of you.about our moment when in form 3.those moments sometimes make me laugh.i wish i could turn back the time to form 3 life.i hate form 4 and 5 life.its sucks.i cant be free here.i've been control by the school rules.when in form 3,im not the type of girl who always obey the rules.i always break the rules.skipping class,cheating in exam,brought phone to school and fought with some girls.yeah,thats a bad person.really bad person.but somehow,when i entered tgb,i've changed a lot.that changes were killing me.

i hope i can meet my girlfriends next week.hope so.finger a date guys.we will gonna rock the the world next week.

oh yeah,im going to promote about prelove party by obb.its tomorrow at the obb store.there will be 10 different shopaholics that gonna sell their stuff.oh yeah,dont forget to wear the most awesome dress cause there will be a prize from obb for the best come and bring your girlfriends this is their can get a lot more info there.

see you there!

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