Thursday, 24 March 2011


just a quick post since its nearly 10.30 i would like to congrats to all the guys have done a great job.well done.erm,so yesterday went out early since hea asked us to meet our beloved last year batch to asked their recipe in achieving good results in spm.

im too lazy to ask anyone since im too hungry that time.hehe.erm just got news from my friends only bout the tgb tgb got 2nd place frm all the mrsm.pc was first.and and we got THIRD in malaysia.pc first,saser second.our gps also really really good.we got 0.914.i think so.and and pc got 0.82 smthg.oh oh,we will beat you pc this year.

and and 8 people got staright a+ and and 250 people got straight a' right.erm,congrats again.batch 09/10 is the superb power batch.this is the best spm results after 4 years.and maybe this year we will be the best too.insyaallah.pray for my batch,aite.

to all form 5 batch 10/11,you have to work really really hard to beat form 5 last year results.we have to beat pc,we have to get no 1 in mrsm and malaysia.chaiyok chaiyok!i know our results are not so good for sem 2 and upss 1 exam,but but we have a lot of exam do your best,TGBians.we might have lost the war last year but the battle will NEVER AND EVER end.
remember our tgb motto guys,WE WILL STRIVE FOR INFINITE EXCELLENCE!

lets rock the trial mara and and SPM!let make all of our teachers proud of us like last year batch.let make a new history that new generations will remember.lets rock our future.lets rock,TGBIANS!now,im proud to be a tgbians although i hate that school very very much.

oh oh,and again,CONGRATS to all who obtain straight a+ and and straight a's guys are our hero now.muah.

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