Saturday, 12 March 2011

you make my day feeling good like ntv7

im back.hehe.oh,i miss my home.hehe.a month in tgb is like a nightmare for me.i cant stand staying there anymore.lots of activities and exams over,even sem and ujian tara after this,i can focus on my spm.get good results for next upss,i dont want to talk bout my exams will make my mood just dont ask me bout my results okay.

so today is my eldest brother's birthday.happy birthday,faris.may all your wish come true.and and moga jodoh hang dgn anis berpanjangan eh.haha.

hmm,this whole week,i have to start studying.i already ask my mum to search for private tutor for me so i can have tuition this whole week.i want to improve my results.i wanna get straight a+ for trial mara and spm.i have to cut down my online hours.i will only online for 2 hours per day only.not more than that.and and i have to study 4 hours per day.

oh oh,i was so happy mum bought me a set of body lotion and shower gel from crabtree and evelyn.thx mum.i really love that.and and she also gave a body lotion from body shop to me.oh oh,i really need body lotion since my skin quite dry.


nashwa said...

thank you wafaaaa <333
i like this part ,"moga jodoh hang dgn anis berpanjangan eh.haha"

haha , aminn (:

wafa said...

oh wlcm wlcm.hehe

nashwa said...

okaay xDDD