Friday, 15 April 2011

i will keep you on my mind


im baacck!hehe.went home yesterday cause of the melaka bersejarah thingy.hehe.finally,this hols i can rela my hw you teachers for not giving hw.its been awhile i didnt update my blog.miss kinda busy in tgb.everyday we have hw to be done.but nah,nevermine.8 months more.after this,you dont have to do your hw anymore.hehe.yipeee!

oh well,i have to wear specs.i cant see really well in class.even when i seat in front still cant see anything.i have to asked my friends everytine teachers wrote smthg on the board.erm,i will be nerdy girl after this.haha.

so today i have photoshoot taken by me,myself.haha.its not a real mag photoshoot.just just erm how to describe eh.haha.erm,wtv.took a lot of photos since its been awhile i took pictures.damn miss the slr camera.hehe.

okay,i have to stop now.wanna watch movie.

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