Sunday, 20 March 2011

birthday wishlist


i already promise with you guys that i wanna post about my birthday wishlist, erm my birthday will be n a few days more.wait wait,8 days,so fast maa.and and i will be 17 in just 8 days.yahhoo!so why im happy being a 17 y/o teenage girl?spm?no no,absolutely happy because this year i can get a driving liscene already.yeah yeah.

okay,sorry for the intro.too excited,maybe.erm,im gonna write as fast as i can cause im going back to mah here are some of my wish that i want want really really want for my birthday.hope i can get all of it.but if i can get it,erm year kan ada.hehe.

the new lady collection,swatch.ayah,please buy this for me.

macarons.ibu,i want this this.

polaroid camera.ow,i've been wanting this since last year

domo and sneakers.wish someone can give me big domo.

owl necklace

top from dorothy perkins

oxford flat,oh freaking gorgeous

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