Thursday, 17 March 2011

every morning when i wake up,i think about you

heyhihello people,

hows your holidays?great?mine was not so awesome.singapore was damn boring.i cant buy anything there.all of the things there are too expensive.i only bought some souveniers for my friends.argh,i dont want to go to singapore again.

so erm universal studio.i bet you guys might be thinking that universal studio is the best and awesome place ever.for me,uss is like shit.there are only a few fun activities can be done there.i can count on how many roller coaster they have.i only rode one roller coaster only.the mummy roller coaster.then,it was raining the whole day.we have to bought the plastic raincoat.had our lunch at oasis.and and i lost my camera cover at oasis.oh,this is bullshit.went back to hotel around 7.30 pm.

i think movie world,aussie a lot lot more fun than universal studio.i suggest to all of you not to go to universal studio.its better to go to movie world or disneyland hong kong.will be upload the pictures trying to finish up my homeworks first.

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