Sunday, 20 March 2011

im not a wonderwoman or superwoman

heyhihello people,
okay based on the title above,yes and superbly yes im not a wonderwoman or superwoman.i cant fly and i dont have a great increadible super power.i dont have the strength to help people.and and the most important thing is i dont wear spander outside like just an ordinary girl who trying to catch her dream to be a biotechnologist one day.

but but i think i already failed to catch my dream.i didnt succeed in my exam.i like to play all the time.i didnt focus on my study.why why?maybe i think we have more time to enjoy before spm.we can study a month before spm like what i did for pmr.but wafa,you have to remember,time fly too fast like a have to appreciate the time that you get.time is like gold.

wafa,do you remember what puan hajah said to you during academic day?she said if you want to succeed whether in any subjects,you have to manage your time playing in the class or wtv.when you do this way,you can get can get 4 flat like uwais and can get a+ for your chemisrty babe.and and your parents will proud of you too wafa.

afetr this i will be more focus in the chit chatting with friends.less sleeping in the class.i want to catch my one and only dream.a dream to further study at australia or maybe uk and and to be a biotechnologist.insyaallah.if people can change,i can change too.

guys,this post is just a motivational post for me before going back to tgb so i can motivate myself to be a better person and and keep on studying.hehe

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