Saturday, 12 March 2011

fashion is the passion

hows your holiday guys?is it fun?mine was boring.but but maybe tomorrow will be awesome cause my family and i will go to jb and and singapore babeyh.hehe.erm,actly i didnt pack anything too lazy to pack.

oh oh,my birthday is just few weeks more.cant wait.really.i hope i can get what i wish for my upcoming birthday.and and and i hope this is the best and the awesome birthday i ever had.maybe for the next next post i will post about my birthday list.hehe.

erm erm,now i already change my hijab style.i style my hijab like like hana she's my idol.hehe.i need to buy lots lots and lots of pashmina.mummy daddy,i need some money to buy pashmina.please.hehe.

okay okay,i gtg now.i have to pack my things.bye.happy hols.

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