Wednesday, 18 April 2012


I'm in dilemma right now.I don't know what course to choose for mara.I just wanna to take engineering for my course but idk.getting advices from a lot of people and they all said that engineering is not a good job for a woman.urghhh,dilemma.i need mum asked me to take biotech but idk.

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Zeaf I-sahus said...

insya-Allah, doa agar mendapat ketetapan hati dalam pencarian course. pasti pilihan kau yang diiringi keberkatan doa adalah yang terbaik. semua kerjaya ada pros and conts.. tak smestinyer engineer should not be woman. tp bg aku.. jika kau mnat biotech spt yg ibu kau syorkan, itu lebih baik~.. sekdr cdgn...

always pray for you, dear friend..

"Life is the matter of CHOICE"
~Zeaf I-sahus~