Tuesday, 3 April 2012



i don't know why but i just hate her.i think she didn't appreciated me as her friend.we used to be a good friends.she has an intelligent mind.everyone in the class admire her.we used to share our stories together but now,pfft.it's all gone.we didn't contact with each other like usual anymore.she might have a lots of new friends in college.friends that can make she laugh and happy all the time.but just one thing that i would like to tell her,don't ever and ever forget about your old friends,your roommates and classmates.i still remembered those days where we could share our stories together every night,went to cafe every sunday and clean up our rooms together every sunday.erm,maybe its true what my other roommates told me about you.pfft,i better be careful in choosing friends next time.

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Farisha Fadil said...

people come and go in our life wafa.
it's a fact we have to accept.
u know dia jenis yg senang buat kwn dgn org lain. yeah i kinda notice that she's been busy with her life in kmkn.
your time will come, to live in a new environment with new people around.
but yes, true friends stays forever.
don't be sad dear. me, nad, faqi, irshad and others will be there for u :)