Tuesday, 3 April 2012



i'm quite jealous with some of my friends who managed to get straight a's in their spm.they got what they want and they can apply many scholarships right.and for me,i'm just can apply about 3 or 4 scholarships only.my ibu asked me to apply to nottingham university but i just don't want to use my father's money anymore.ayah always feel sad maybe cause i didn't get straight a's.i already tried my hard.the very hard ayah but maybe tak ada rezeki kan.everytime when ayah come home,he must compared my results with other people.i just can't stand it.i told my friends about this and they asked me to calm down.they giving me some advice.they said "result spm ni belum tentu buat kau berjaya di masa depan kau,wafa".erm,maybe its true cause i still have life in university later.i have to start struggle there and make my parents proud of me.

ayah just want me to further my study in australia or japan.i keep on searching for any scholarship for overseas study.ayah,don't worry,i will make sure that i can further my study there.insyaAllah.pray for me people.

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