Thursday, 10 December 2009

just wait till u see this

hey, so sorry for not updating my blog but now im just not in the mood for blogging and myspace-ing.i just want to hangout with my friends like window shopping,watching movies n others but they all did not want to hangout.urgh,maybe they hate me or else.or maybe they did not want to be my friends anymore.ya,lately all of my friends seem apart from me.idk why.maybe they have new friends and did not want to be my friends anymore.ya,ive been an emo girl right now.urgh,i want to change my school right now so i can meet new friends and find some happiness there.gosh,i hate my life right now.its really really sucks.i like diana's life.she such an amazing girl n she has amazing family,bf and friends.i wish i could just be like her.ok now change the topic pls.i want to stop being an emo girl.i want to tell u guys bout my experience having an exam for mrsm.this exam was held last monday at kpm,beranang.i thought only a few people will take this exam but im wrong.there were many people that will be taking this exam.arrive there at 1 pm.the exam start at 2 pm so my dad ask me to pray first.after praying,went to pendaftaran n im in lab c.then i must wait till 1.50pm in front of the lab c.when the time arrived,msk lab c and i sat down next to a girl.acctly,i want to introduce myself to the girl but im a bit exam had start n i thought math will be easy but im wrong.math is so freakin' hard.x ckp mse n not so much hentam soalan tu.then,rehat for 15 min.after rehat got science n keperibadian diri not so hard n the keperibadian diri was so easy.erm,i just not too berhrp msk mrsm since there are many people taking the exam.n i dont have any org dlm.erm,i think thats all for now.till then,muah.

i cant wait till this saturday.jakarta,im coming!

listening to:you belong with me(malay version)

oh,i have something for my friends

"a real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out"

just think bout it.

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