Sunday, 22 November 2009

masker in my face

so yeah its already 11.52 pm n i still online.well its my routine for always online-ing even its 2, not in the mood to write a blog nowdays.i always write like an emo girl i mean emo teenage girl.haha.nk mrh sane sini n everything la.there is no more cheerful,hyper girl.but maybe tonight i'll be more happy.idk why but that is how i felt right,im wearing masker that i bought last week.i think this is the first time i wearing masker.this masker has strawberry i was like yummy.mcm nk mkn jer but x nowdays im too lazy too put pictures but today i put a picture just for u u can see above,my masker is just like that.i dont want to put my picture of my face that full of masker cause its embarassing enough.this masker kene tggu smpi 15-20 min then bru wash it.okay another story,i asked my mum that i want to be a model for local magazine such as seventeen,cleo or mum said she okay with that but she asked me weather the magazine accapted people whos wearing tudung.i said nnt i email to the magazine and ask bout it.and yeah my mum kasi but my dad x tau lg this mid of dec i will be off to jakarta n bandung cause my dad ade launching his restaurant that he shared with his friend at,yeah.its been a long time x pg jakarta.i think almost a year.x sbrnya.n this 7 of dec i will be having a test for mrsm at kpm beranang.yup,i nk sgt pg boarding school since standard 4 lg but nasib x menyebelahi for me when i was in form 1,i didnt get to any boarding,wish me luck guys.oh,i frgt to tell u guys bout yesterday.yesterday,i didnt sleep a wink till 5 am.then bgn pkl 11 am in the morning.lmbtkn.that morning my cousin dtg cause nk ambk my brother that will be playing futsal with my cousin.when i was still asleep,my cousin entered my room n i x sdr lgsg.ohh gosh!so,embarassing.ank dara bgn lmbt.but nvm,i terlalu ngantok that time.ok,its 12.18 am right now.i feel so,good night guys.n yeah today i will be hangout with my friends at pavilion.x sbrnya.

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