Saturday, 26 December 2009

so why dont we run away

hey,hey,hey,everyone.i've just got back from johor.wlaupun pg for 2 days but it still fun.i've got to eat wht i want here like mee bandung,lontong,mee jawa n nasi,im turning into a fatty girl.haha.ok,i guess no need to talk bout johor.let talk bout i forgot to say congratz to my friends who get 8a's for their pmr.n to those yg x dpt 8a's,dont be sad.pmr bkn penetu masa try again for spm,dear.oh,n to all my myspace friends.if u read my blog u will know why i x reply ur cmmnt.ok,i cant approve my cmmnt.idk why n i dh sent report to myspace but still no changes till to all my myspace friends,im so sorry for not replying ur cmmnt, if somebody thu to repair this myspace thingy,please help me,ok since i x blh klau x reply cmmnt lmbt2.erm,ok i thinkmthats all for tnight.i will ask my dad if die thu repair this,daa.oh,to my cousin zafirah,i know u will read my blog n now u dh thu my secret.haha.

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