Monday, 28 December 2009

i wish we could have same feeling

so,hey hey guys.erm,im wondering,why im always sebut 'hey guys' at the intro.hmm.but,nvm.thats my trademark.haha.first thing i've something to say to my cousin,zafirah.zafirah,im not hazim's gf,okay.he's my friend n x lbh dri tu.ya.haha.oh,n how bout ur solihin?is he fine?i want to see his face,zaf.x prnh nmpk pn?haha.ok,move ms like sucks.i cant reply cmmnt n cant approve friends i terpaksa use my dad's ph.haha.secara senyap2 je x boleh nak online slalu since he bring his ph to the office.ya,definately he will bring it to his office since its his ph.haha.dumb,wafa.erm,i think i want to delete ms cause ms always bring a lot n lot of problem.but,a lot of my ms' friends are still using ms.i dont want to lose them since i dont have their ph number.gosh,i wish they give me their ph number,x kan la i nak mintak.buat malu jer.they already have gf.nanti ingat perasan pulak.haha.

okay,move on to another part.malas nak cerita pasal tu.okay,seventeen will held a makeover party n i think its been sponsor by,yeah.i want to go n my parents already gave me green light n my friends also want to,yeah.dapat jugak pergi makeover i will be banked in the money by this week jugak.takut terlepas since first come first,zaf nak pergi x this makeover party.u can invite ur friends also.this party will be held on 23rd january 10 at rootz club,lot 10.the fee is only rm60 but u will get goodies bag worth rm400 for free.oh,i think thats all from brother want to use computer.he is mad right now,haha.

oh,before darling hanis will be schooling at smk s4 next year maybe for couple of weeks je cause she want to move to sbu.n to my darlings,i want to meet u guys,okay.i want to watch movie together,eat together n shopping together.i really really miss that.oh,to my darling shazana yang always read my blog,i really miss u n also darling hanis n lepak giant together,makan foodcourt,cuba makeup n masuk art shop.haha.lets,hangout guys.dah lama x hangout.haha.

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