Sunday, 27 December 2009

i believe that ur the one who will make me laugh

hey,everyone.i've just finish reading zafirah's n nurul 's yeah,their blog is interesting.they share their blog yeah zafirah!now i know ur bf.haha.n hazim is so not my bf.he just one of my great friends.n i always smile when im receiving message cause my darling shazana buat thats why im always smile when im receiving message,zaf.okay,move so lazy to put pictures about indonesia.there are a lot of pictures n i think maybe,maybe some other time yeah,the johor thingy.lets me tell u bout the johor.

  • friday,25th dec 09

we went there on friday morning n arrive there at darker stage of twilight.went there with my cousin's family.i bet u guys must be wondering why its take so long to arrive at johor.haha.we always stop at RnR.someone going to pee la,hungry la n after arrive at muar,we all so hungry and decided to eat mee bandung n ayam the food were nice n delicious but the service is,i didnt get my air sirap bandung after order it for almost an hour i terpaksa share with my brother.then,went to the hotel since all of us look so tired.after arrive at the hotel,we all cepat2 msk bilik.okay,lets skip that part.after that,makcik lela ajak us to go to wetex parade that located beside of the,in the wetex parade me,zafirah n ainaa were like playing our boobs n butt.haha.its interesting!we were like budak2.kejar sana n kejar fun.then,went back to hotel.

  • saturday,26th dec 09

so woke up late tday.everybody dah wake up but im still rushing all there n there,mandi after that,we ate our breakfast.i ate lontong but i cant finished it cause i dont like the terpaksa berlapar.then,went to kluang to find our relatives that so so long x takes nearly bout 2 hours n before arrive at our relatives' house,we were all hungry and decided to dad suggest to eat nasi beryani to lengkap our makanan orang,i ate 3/4 of the rice n thats really really a lot but zafirah can finish the nasi beryani by,zaf.u ate a lot.haha.then,find ways to go to our relatives skip that part.that part boring.okay,arrive at the house n salam2 semua n sat down.our relatives gave us some snack such as biscuits n everybody berebut to eat eventhough dah makan nasi.even orang dewasa pun berebut.haha.almost 3 plates of keropok we have finish it.then,my dad ask us to my relative's son tunjuk the arah kiblat n his face look weird.he said,"tegak,senget sikit,jangan senget sangat,senget sikit jer."haha.get it?n me,zaf n ainaa started laughing out loud.nak solat pun susah.we like laugh n laugh n laugh till everybody marah cause we all asyik laughing n x solat2 lagi.haha.then,our relative gave us some food to eat before going back to kuala lumpur.they asked zaf,ainaa n me to eat first since orang lain nak solat at first,we were like nantilah,kenyang lagi la.but after dipaksa berulang kali,we ate murtabak.i asked my cousin to take it for me since we want to first,she put only a little but i suruh put lag,put lagi till tinggal separuh.haha.but we all managed to finish it okay.haha.

erm,i think thats all for now.if you guys want more story bout johor,u guys should read zaf's n nurul's blog.i've just cant remember bout balik to kl part.this is their blog:,till then guys.

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