Tuesday, 29 December 2009

when everyone start to copying me,i will say bad words

hey,everyone.i've just finish watching gossip girl at 8tv.i thought this drama not so fun n suddenly i mcm ske tgk this drama.same goes to 90210.i also thought this drama like a lot of sex scene but im wrong.totally wrong.this such drama are very2 great.okay,tday im freakin' tired.this morning my mum got meeting till 12.30 so i terpaksa take care of my adik2 semua.n my elder brother pn pagi2 dh kluar main futsal.so,im alone with my siblings.taking care of them giving me stress but i still love them.who doesnt love their family,right.so right now im so happy.my ms dh ok.n i can chat with my friends lg.haha.so bout 8.30 pm,my lil sis macam x boleh nak nafas.my mum n i dah gelabah time tu.time tu jugak die merajuk cause my mum marah die n she cry very2 loud sampai x boleh nafas.then,terus bawa ke clinic.ondaway to clinic tu she want to sleep but im afraid she will gone.so i check nadi n jantung die.i started to cry cause i really2 love her more than i love myself.now pun im crying cause i really2 afraid if something happen to her.n after jumpa dc,n the dc said she's fine.like really fine.so alhamdulillah,she's fine now.my dad siap pesan lagi jangan buat die merajuk lagi or she will be like that.haha.erm,school will start next week n my bag pun blum beli lagi.shld i buy a new bag since i baru je gune my bag tu one year only.hmm,i think i shld.so daa everyone.my dad want to use this computer.

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