Friday, 26 August 2011

when there is love,there is life

heyhihello everyone.

guess,who's back?haha.yeah,im home.finally.after being in the 'prison' for bout one month.fuhh.just few more months left before im getting out of that 'prison'.

so hey,ramadhan gonna come to an end few days more.oh,time flew so fast.i still remember the first day of the ramadhan this year.people often said that we should cry because of ramadhan gonna leave us not cying cause of too excited to celebrate raya.we should cry because we'll never know if we still live during ramadhan next year.erm,im trying to finish khatam the quran before raya start.just half of the juzuk more.i dont know if i have some time to finish it.erm,think positive wafa.i know you can do have to constant reading the quran every prayer okay.

thir ramadhan went smoothly.altough i have to break fast without my family,but still this ramadhan have been great to me.i cherish the moments when im breaking my fast with my friends especially with my roomates.those memories were hardly to forget.we always went to bazaar together.spent our money to buy a lot of food at bazaar.then we will eat together during prep hours or we will eat it after terawih prayer.oh,so much memories to remember.

erm,so idp had already started during the first week of ramadhan.oh,god.idp is killing me.i thought idp is something like no homework but im wrong.there were a lot of homework to be done.i have to stay up every night till 1 or 2 am just to finish my homework.pfft.okay,act,not every night tired of staying up.argh.

erm,i dont have any mood for this upcoming raya.i just want to lock myself up in my room and get study.trial mara is just around the corner.i have to start studying before its too late.trial mara is like our spm for us.we have to do well in this trial so that we can get scholarship.i dont want any c's or b's for my trial result.i want a's.straight a+.insyaallah, can do i already draft some rules that i have to follow for this raya holidays.its compulsory to follow this rule.i will only online for one hour and half everyday.i will study like 4 to 5 hours,complete all my homework,start my diet back.and and a lot more too lazy to is will be start tomorrow.if i break the rule,i have to pay rm1 to my mother.haha.rm1 is enough.haha

oh oh,before i end this post,i just wanna wish happy birthday to humaira rosli.hope she enjoy her birthday.have a blast on your birthday.hope all your wish come true,dear.

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