Tuesday, 30 August 2011

dear my superb friend

there's a lot of things in my mind right now.feel so stress today.there are few reasons why.dont wanna share it here.so its already 1st shawal.i didnt have any mood for raya.my purple baju kurung macam haram je.i dont want to wear that baju kurung.i want to throw it away.

so thanks to all who give me raya wishes.really appreciate it.hehe.and and to farhan hasif,terharu i you apprcte mms yang i bagi tu.haha.i'd told you yesterday that my wish gonna be so special right right.haha.oh oh and i always nice to you.you didnt notice bout it.too busy with your study meh.thanks for the goodluck wish.oh,dont be sad anymore and no cursing too ya.its 1st syawal.you have to enjoy it dear farhan hasif.do tell me your probs tomorrow.thanks for being my good male friend and and for being a good senior too.hehe.sorry meh,i cilok your fb picture.hehe.sorry.

okay,i sengaja letak gbr ni cause i nak promote you.haha.girls,budak ni single lagi.haha.mintak number dia cepat.haha.

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