Tuesday, 2 August 2011

batman to the rescue

i will be back to my 'prison' this evening.actually,i dont want to go back.i want to stay here and berbuka with my family.but since i already miss him and and he miss me too,i have to go back early before berbuka so that i can meet him.hee.

time fly too fast.now its august and next month september.trial will come in less than two months.haha.i shall get ready for my trial.trial MARA is like our real spm.so,i have to be well prepared.i dont want any c's or b's anymore.i want A and perhaps A+ maybe.hehe.wish me luck for my trial,okay.

i didnt bring my broadband and laptop to maktab anymore.dad didnt let me bring those stuff.he said i might online everyday if i bring those things.so stay here eh lappy.take care.hehe.i will be rarely online this fasting month.i want to concentrate more to my study.this time,no more playing.no more sleeping in the class.

okay,gtg now.i have to get ready.my dad will be coming home in just few more minutes.tata.see you guys later.oh oh,before that,i will post activity week pictures.

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