Tuesday, 2 August 2011

be the best for the one who deserves you

so now,im in the mood for blogging.haha.im sorry for the lack update.im too lazy this day.dont know why.maybe im lack of idea to write.maybe.so hows your first ramadhan?went well?my first ramadhan quite okay la.actually,i have stomach ache since morning.maybe because of the gastric.i ate a little bit only during sahur.i want to diet.i only ate mushroom soup only.

erm,this ramadhan i think i want to change.i want to become a better person.a better muslimah,perhaps.i want to stop cursing.to recite al-quran everyday.to khatam al-quran this month.oh oh,and and i want to lose weight too.5kg.haha.elia and i already plan to lose our weight this month.we have to burn our calories before raya.haha.nanti raya baju tak ketat.haha

okay,right now i want to talk about activity week that was held last week.activity week kinda boring this year.not like last year.last year was like superb.maybe because last year we have pesta buah buahan.the first day of activity week,we had senamrobik and and amali sembelihan.for the first time in my life,i touch the chicken,cabut bulu ayam,potong and bersihkan.haha.for god sake,it gross.really really gross.haha.erm erm,actually i dont want to do all those things again but since im a woman,i have to do it for my future husband.hahaha.

so im sorry.i forgot about the next activity.i only remember about mock interview.i didnt do well in the interview.too nervous.actually,i already prepared what to talk during interview,but but because of the nervous,i talk crap throughout the interview and english berterabur macam haram.haha.erm,nevermine.i will practise more before the real interview later.

oh oh,tomorrow maybe i will go to seksyen 4.yahoo.haha.i want to meet my darlings. miss them so much.haha.
okay,thats all for now.my abg want to use this comp.will update more tomorrow.maybe.hehe

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