Sunday, 28 August 2011

let's watch something random turned to something awesome

 miss me? sorry,i didnt updated my blog be honest,i have a lots to write but but i have difficulties trying to convert to convert everything in my mind into words.i already promised to someone that i will update my blog twice a day during this school sorry.hehe.hope you understand.

im tired.i clean up my room took almost 2 hours to clean this filthy room.full of dust.yeah,blame me.i didnt clean up this room for almost a month.i already asked my maid to clean up this sleazy room but she didnt do the task i've given to her.urgh.actually i cant clean any dirty room cause i'm allergic to hand will be itchy and i cant stop sneezing.haha.thats me.

so just now im wearing glove and i covered my mouth with one of my selendang.while cleaning up my room,i found my old when i was in standard one.aww,miss those moments.miss the moments with my bestfriend,fatin hanani and aisyah.then i found spider.crawling to me.uh wait,did spider crawl?okay,nevermine.wtv.haha.i started to scream out scared of spider.its know.something like like ron weasley.scared of spider.hehe.after that,i asked my maid to clean up my room.i dont want to clean it anymore.

around 4.30,my mum asked me to read the quran.see,for those people who said that im a socialize person,dont know how to read the quran la,wtv la,please mind your not too social.just a little bit social.and and i know how to read the quran.pfft.then i went upstair and online-ing.hehe.i supposed doing my homework but im too lazy.urgh,wafa please.trial is just around the corner.

so today,having iftar with my cousin at my mum cooks a lot.nasi tomato,bread butter puding,popia and lot more.oh,its freakin' deh-li-cious.yummy.oh,my mum is the best cook in town.haha.she can open a restaurant after her retirement.maybe.hehe.okay,i just ate a little today.idk why.maybe because im still full.i ate a lot during sahur.then,we perform our maghrib,isyaq and and terawih prayer together.having dinner together will tighten up family bond.

so here,right doing nothing.trying to update this gorgeous blog.haha.i must stop writing right now.have to start studying before its too late.

"im no superman or batman..i cant take your hand and fly you anywhere you want to go..i can be everything you need if you're the one for gravity,i'll be just maybe an ordinary guy with heart and soul but if you're the one for me..then i'll be your hero"

someone special to me gave this to me while i was sleeping last week.yes, can be my hero.okay,its actually a lyric.

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