Thursday, 27 May 2010

close your eyes and you will be new again

hey,hey, finally back home after being 4 weeks at at hostel sometimes great n sometimes like shit.a lot of hw must be done.but the best thing is,friends' spirit.okay,done bout that.

just finished mid year exam.wait,actually there's two n i think i already do the best that i can do for this mid exam.i hope i will get straight a's for this today is bio exam.erm,i studied bio yesterday till 4 am.n if i still cant get a for bio,i dont know what i can do more.i already try my best.paper 2 is quite harder than paper 1.n right now,im afraid if i get c for my bio.

erm,wanna buy new clothes la n new bag too.bored of old clothes.but,nah.i wanna keep my money so i can buy new phone.cant wait to see my darling.lepak2 like dulu.i miss the old days.argh,what am i merepek ni.talking like a shit.actually i dont have any idea what to write.does not have any mood right now since from morning i have a stomach ache n i cry while doing exam because of the pain.

oh,i love unintended song since there's a senior sang this song during enight.will update soon bout the teacher's day.maybe.

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