Sunday, 2 May 2010

never give up on smthg that you cant go a day without thinking about

hello guys.yeah,im back again.but this evening i will go back to hostel again.skjp kan.there's one more month to go bfr upcming holiday lg.okay,i want to tell u guys bout my experience went back home by bus.

friday,30th april 2010

bout 1.30pm went to dc n naik bus utk ke mc.first there were only few people naik cause the guys went to the friday prayer n x balik lg.then bout 2.15pm,guys pun naik bas n the bus really pack like a can of sardine.bout one hour later,arrived at mc.bought mcd cause i didnt eat anything for lunch.bought some mags to read in the bus.then,around 4.15pm,naik bas to kl.the driver was okay.he drove not so slow n not so fast.bout 6.30pm arrive bkt mum to pick.

then,took faris n his friends at sri petaling.he brought 6 friends along with,ramai kan.n terpaksa berhimpit-himpit.n i have to share my chair with faris plk.mmg mcm tin sardine kereta tu.haha.

saturday,1st may 2010

went to sunway tday.bought a lot at cotton dress,new jacket,new shoe.byk la.then round2 n window shpng at sunway.erm,met naza.n smthg just happen that make me really felt shit.

n right now,i really felt so stress cause this add math really hard.idk how to make it easy.i love add math but it kinda hard for me.n there's a lot of hw to be finish.see u guys later.bye.

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