Sunday, 2 May 2010

a person's smile can make my heart falling down going bact to hostel tday.waiting for my dad to fetch me up.he just arrived at airport from sabah n now has to sent me to hostel.sorry,,the time past too,we already stuck in the month of may.gosh,i wish it could be faster so i could hangout again with my darlings.

exam is just around the corner.i didnt study anything yet.too busy with hw n other schl stuff.really hate it.this upcoming holiday,i will be going off to johor for kenduri.balik from hostel n straight to johor for 4 days,i think.i hope my mum can bring along my camera.

my dad will be coming home soon i didnt take a bath hw still not finish.the journal,add math,sej n physics.erm,wanna do it during prep hours.okay,i better get ready.maybe i will update my blog at psi nnt.bye,guys.

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