Friday, 23 April 2010

let me go through

hello.yeah,online again at makmal bitara.x da kerja btul.haha.skip prep cause nthg to do prep nnt.anyways,rmi x pg prep life here make me me happier than before.our friendship makin rpt n we like hardly to be apart with each other mna2 mesti melekat pnya la.dri breakfast ke prep smua.n someties ptg2 kn maggie sama2.talk2 smpi pagi la.

erm,this upcoming labour day,i will going back home by bus.yeah,for the first time.but,bus x brhti kat pudu like usually but brhnti at bkt thats really2 near my house la.everybody here busy opening their blog,listening to music la,open ms,fb la.

oh,supper tday eat sosej.erm,i dnt like to eat sosej.beli cafe la l ni.haha.ohmy,i will gin weight again.lunch tdi pun mkn byk cause mkn nasi tomato.erm,going to jog la after this but kene tgk weather dlu la cause kat sini always hujan je.


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