Monday, 16 November 2009


most of my myspace's friends smua x reply cmmnt.i hate if people mls reply my cmmnt or just buat x thu dgn my cmmnt.wht wrong with u guys.i just want to make new friends bknnye nk gtl2 ke or whtevr.maybe derong fikir yg i ni so boring n x popular so sbb itu kut derong mls nk reply.ya,i admit yg im a boring person n i x sepopular LUQMAN HAKIM!smua org x knl i.n dkt school pn i x popular n i ni jenis org yg pendiam.n i x secantik LUQMAN HAKIM!this is why i nk pindh to another school.evn my seniors n some of my schoolmates did not like me n my friends.idk why.maybe jealous.n sometimes pn i x reply org pnye cmmnt but this is because derong nk gtl2 n derong tu mat,i hate mat n minah rempit.if sesiapa yg hntr cmmnt kte nk berkenalan or whtevr,i x kn lyn u,please la x pyh nk berlgk sgt blh x.i x desperate sgt la.if x nk kwn,delete je i from ur friend.urgh,i hate my life!

sorry luqman cause i use ur name.


DH said...

Im reading yours..:

DH said...

Im doing a blogwalking..and i found yours.So i red it..That's all..I dont know you either.
But thanks 4 dropping by..