Saturday, 7 November 2009


today was like parent said that i dont need to go to another school next year.they want me to wait for the boarding school.i was like wtf!you guys already gave me green light when i ask about moving to another school but now lain pulak.they said that it will waste money scared that i will not be the chosen one to go to the boarding,i really2 hate my school.the teachers n students all like shit.thats why i want to move to another parent said insyaallah,maybe u will get boarding school next yr n bla bla bla.i was so mad at them right now smpi x nk ckp with them.(merajuk la konon).now,my weight plk buat mslh.this evening,i timbang berat then jarum tnjk dkt 51 but after i had my dinner,jarum tnjk dkt 53 kg plk.aduh,impossible la naik 2 kg.mcm nk muntah balik jer but dh nk buat mcm mane.some people said im too skinny mcm tengkorak hidup la but i think im too fat.i dont want 53 kg,i want 45 kg.but all of them x u guys think i shld turunkan lg my berat bdn or not?i dont know what to do right now.

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