Tuesday, 10 November 2009

show off

i just hate the guys that like to show off just because they have handsome face.they all like shit.mempergunakan perempuan.n when the girl yg so perasan gilers igt org suke kat die siap pggl syg lg but x couple pn.eh,please la..so gross.n when another girl mntk phone nmbr,the girl tu x kasi n nk dlt lg cmmnt org yg mntk nmbr tu..so,to the girl yg terlampau perasan,get lost la.u igt u tu hebat sgt.hey,i x cintakn n x menaruh hrpn kat guy tu ok.i just want to make new friends.not like u.if someone cri psl dgn i,i akn igt smpi bile2.remember that,girl.that is my principle.n u broke it.ok,i admit that my english is bad n ur the one yg english paling ok.

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