Saturday, 24 March 2012


so my birthday is like around the corner.just a few more days left.I don't have any mood to celebrate it this year.and and I think i'm kinda weird this year.usually i will always ask my dad to buy me a present for my birthday and celebrate it at an exclusive restaurant.but this year I didn't ask anything.It such a waste of money to buy an expensive things to me.I don't deserve it.erm,I think I don't want to celebrate my birthday.I don't want any present.I don't want anything this year.

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Farisha Fadil said...

wafa, u know what?
that's exactly how i feel for my spm.
other people say that my result is good. tpi i feel as if i don't deserve anything from my parents.
budak2 yg study tgb mmg cmni kot.
tk dpt straight rasa as if the world is falling on us. haih tkpe, i'll give u something special on ur bday. nothing much but enough to make it as a memory :)