Friday, 27 January 2012

bawal is bacckkk

heyhihello guys,

whatsapp?sorry again.kinda lazy nowadays.firstly,i would like to wish HAPPY CNY to all my chinese friends.gong xi fa cai.hehe.since today is a holiday,ohh wait,everyday is a holiday for me.okay,since its holiday,i plan to going out and have some fun with my darls but but the plan is canceled.they all are busy with their hols.erm, the date for 7th feb guys.we gonna rock sunway lagoon and sunway pyramid.

based on the title,its true.bawal scarf is baaacccckkk should be happy cause right now,i hate wearing selendang.haha.gonna buy two tons bawal and plain bawal soon at the curve gonna buy a lot and lots of bawal scarf.

tomorrow i 'll have a driving class with en.harif.uuuuuuuuuuu,kinda scary.he is the best driving teacher plus he is the owner of metro driving kinrara.but but but he like to scold people and sometime he uses harsh words.erm,i better prepare.i have to stay strong and not crying in front of him.haha.

okay,i love my new dp.yeah,go and check it.haha.i just edit it using photoscape just now.kinda like it.

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