Saturday, 25 February 2012

I wish I could stop the time

heyhihello guyyyssss!
Im back.Okay,actually,i didn't go anywhere.its about a months away i left this blog alone.same reason.lazyy.yeah.Haha.I'm too lazy to update my blog.Sometimes i already have so many ideas what to write on this blog.And sometimes i even write till half of the page but i keep it in the draft.there's so many reasons actually why i didn't update this blog.So how's everyone doing?I hope everyone's in the pink of health.

Alhamdulillah,this year has been such amazing to me.So much things happen lately.Thankfully,the good ones are more than the bad onesAlhamdulillah,i already passed my jpj test on 10th of February 2012.yeah,still remember the date.Well,i didn't expect much to pass in this test.I thought i might failed at the 'bukit' part and the on the road since i didn't know much how to control the steering.Pfft.And my instuctor also didn't believe that i passed my test.But well,rezeki namanya ni.

I'd spent my life at home.Working as a maid since we don't have any maid right now.My dad paid me rm400 every month.I currently already got rm800 in my pocket now.I'm thinking to use the money to buy smartphone.Haha.Maybe bb or just samsung galaxy note.

So i was in a long distance relationship with my superb annoying boyfriend,aiman hakim.Hahahaha.He was in Kuala Nerang,Kedah to continue his study there.The distance is superb killing me.We haven't seen each other for 3 weeks already.Oh how i miss him so bad right now.But nevermine,we have computer,phone and everything.Last night,we skype for about 3 hours.Thanks to elia cause lend him her broadband.Terubat rindu di hati.Haha.So i'd just google and search for any tips to stay stronger eventhough we live far away and hardly to go out together.Some people might say "distance makes the heart grow fonder" .Distance shouldn't be a factor in a relationship.

Some might say that long distance relationship never going to work well.That's not true.There are a lot of things that you can do to keep your relationship strong.

Facing up to the challenge

You guys should think of it as a challenge for you.We have internet right.we can keep in touch with our boyfriend or girlfriend without spending a lot of money.You can chat in the facebook or make a video call using skype.

Whatever it is,JODOH DI TANGAN TUHAN.We have to pray a lot to keep our relationship last forever.

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