Monday, 16 January 2012

kenny rogers roaster :)

I miss this girl alot <3

heyhihello guys,

well sorry for not updating this blog.still finally quit my job.resigned as a server at kenny rogers restaurant last,gosh.i cant believe there's a lot of good memoriess instead of bad memories there.and and i learnt a lot there.learnt how to communicate well with other people.learnt how to promote a thing.learnt how a to say sorry to customer if you do something wrong.learnt how to give a bill.learnt how to be a chef in krr.haha.there's a lot lot.super duper lot of things i learnt although i only work there for only one week.

so yeah,im kinda miss the staff,miss suna,sir fit,miss sharifah,kak bed,kak sira,kak alia,kak zieya,aimi,azhan,fit,amal,miera,scha,megat,abg joe,dino,yee fon,dibah,yuza,ammar and and lot more.yes,seriously,i miss them so so much.they taught me to be a wonderful krr server.yeah.haha.

i had been going to kenny rogers for several times after quit.i just miss them and i would like to see their smile.the smile that always brighten up my day.for the last two days,i had chance to get to know azhan.he's kind and caring person.he always help me buzzing the table.he always there when i get scolded by customers.he give me the chance to relax and switch the position with him.i told him that i was damn damn tired so he let me to be the hostess for a while .being a hostess was an awesome thing since we didnt move too much.we just greet the customers.aww,thanks a lot azhan.i owe you.

and and fitri,he like to cheer me up when i feel bad or when im stress a lot.he will make me happy.try to make me laugh and smile back.aww.thanks fit.and and happy 16th birthday,fit.enjoy your birthday.and kakak will give your present later.

erm i had been thinking for a while to start working as a server back at krr but but atiqah didnt let me do it.she asked me to apply a job at jusco luqman hassan also work at jusco as a sales i should give a try.maybe work for a month only.

okay,so right now i would like to wish a wonderful superb birthday to azizi rafie,fitri nizam,iffah hosni and and nur syahirah nasaruddin.have a blast guys!

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