Saturday, 7 May 2011

happy mother's day

dear ibu,
im not your perfect daughter.i always break your rules.sometimes,i dont even follow your orders.i always lie to you.i lie about my exam marks because i scared that you will scold me.sorry ibu.there were also times when i rather hangout with my friends than you.whenever you want me to accompany you to shop,i always give reasons that i want to meet my friends.and times when i mad at you but it didnt mean that i hate you.

you have a lot of reasons to be mad at me but you've always try not to be mad at me or even hated me.because i know,you really love me.i know i always mad at you more that you ever mad at sorry.maybe,im too emotional ibu.

you are the first person i called when i need help in my studies,health and knows everything from A to give me useful advices so that i can be a better person in the always backup me when i've been scolded by ayah.

you've done everything a great mother could ever do,thx ibu.

i know everything you've set as a barrier for me is a sign of your protection and love.ibu,i LOVE you.


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