Monday, 9 May 2011

tamat latihan is finally over

yeah, more koq after this .no more ppi meeting after now,let me tell you guys a lil bit about tamat latihan last friday.tamat latihan started around 8.30 pm.we have a lot of event were held on that day.merentas halangan,kawad,pertolongan cemas,ikatan tali,perbarisan,kebombaan and and perkhemahan.luckily,for kawad,we got last everybody who enter other event than kawad,bergegas to change their clothes and enter kawad comp.haha.

i prayed to god so that we can do well in this kawad and managed to beat pbsm but but we lose.our kawad were superb berterabur.i nearly cried because of the berterabur thingy.after few weeks berlatih and this is what we got.damn.erm,nevermine.lets talk bout something else.

oh oh,we managed to TWO events last friday.merentas halangan and pertolongan cemas.alhamdullillah,guys.great job.oh,pkbm won the best persatuan ever.congrats.

im going back to tgb late tomorrow.tumpang shiqeen.hehe.

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