Saturday, 25 February 2012

Stay with me forever

I miss my friends a lot.I miss my darlings and my tgbian friends.Do you know how it feels to have someone who always support you,who always stand by your side,who always cheer up your mood,who always help you.I'm so grateful to have people who I can share my happiness.

Tgbian friends

I have a bunch of friends there but the most amazing superb duperb friends are my classmates.Well,they're not only my friends,they're my family in TGB.Each and every one of them has a special place in my heart.I love them very much.They make my life beautiful and wonderful in different ways.I still remember those days when i will gossiping with my friends every night before going to sleep.ate a lot of food that my mum cook for me.stay up all night and study with nadira and razin.shouting,fighting,cursing,playing in FB19 until the warden scolded us during taklim.iftar with classmates.going to Mahkota Parade scolded by in F4 class during spm.Ohh,how much i miss this moments.

Sometimes,they gave me the best advice that i never get from other people.They teach me to do good things.They tell me to look things in many directions.

Friends are the one who inspires me in so many ways.Ami,one of my classmate is the genius student in tgb.She got 4 flat for so many times.Every night I will keep on saying,"How I wish I could be like her.Her parents must be proud of her".She inspire me a lot.Nad and Elia too.They are also genius person.How I wish I could be like them.

I'm not so close with my family.I mean,I didnt share anything with them.I like to share it with my friends.I usually share my stories to Nad,Razin,Elia and and Faqi.They quiet understand me.Issues like having a crush on someone,school problems,boyfriend,friendship problems and many more.I can't tell all this things to my parents.With friends around,at least they could give me a piece of advice on who did what wrong,things that our parents just don't understand.

Dear friends/classmates/hroomates,
It doesn't matter if we don't really really spend time together like before.I know all of us live far away.And it's really hard to meet each other even once a month.We are far apart.I just want you guys to know that no matter what happen,we are still going to be friends till our last  breath.I love you guys and I miss you guys so much.Kawan sampai mati okay.Sama sama masuk syurga eh.

"A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same"-Elbert Hubbard

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