Sunday, 6 February 2011

Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies

so today i have to go back to hostel.4 days off are not enough.i need one year more,please.but nevermind.human always like this.they never and ever be grateful what they already i got one interesting topic that i would like to share to all of dad asked me to do this cause he want me to improve my english.i read an article from cleo magazine last last wednesday or tuesday during english period.the title is "do you treat your bestfriend as your boyfriend?".

the article is about most of the teenage girls in this world treat their bestfriends as their boyfriend.this particular thing usually happen when the girls broke up with their boyfriends and they need someone to share problems.they choose their bestfriends because it is more easier to share secrets and problems with them and and they can give us many useful advices too.and if we share with girls,it will be a lot lot more easier because we have same feelings and emotions.

in my opinion,i think you dont have to treat your bestfriend as your dont have to call them everyday,hangout with them every weekends and and get jealous with them if someone be friends with your bestfriends.dont dont and dont ever ever do that.before this,i quite jealous with my bestfriends because they got new friends and im afraid that she will not love and treat me like before.but after a few days,i talked to myself and i think that maybe they want to live their own lives and they want to be friends with everyone.

they also want to be free and not be conquered by have to understand that.they also want to spend their time with their loved ones why dont you guys just find new friends or share your probs with your sure your mom will understand mom also have been in your shoes before right.if we still treat our bestfriends like that,maybe someday our bestfriends will not be friends with us again.

so to overcome this,i find some new friends whether malay,chinese or indian friends.dont clique to one friend only,okay.then,make some fun activities with this awesome new friends.go for camping or shopping.this way can also help you to forget about your boyfriends too.

thats too lazy to write already.sorry.oh oh,mind my grammar mistakes.i still learn about it.

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