Sunday, 20 February 2011

are you ready?

i currently in the car in front of my parents came today.yeah.but i only can online for bout half an gonna write this post short and simple only cause i think i dont have enough time to writea long post.

last week was awsome.we had activity week and i really enjoy last week.i entered tarik tali and mini kawad kaki.and i think lots more activity that i entered but i cant remember.sorry.and and now i already had sunburn.oh no.

upss1 will start next week.i have to score in this test.i have to score at least 6a.wish me luck.then after upss 1,we have road run on saturday and 1 malaysia on sunday and and pesta type 3 on tuesday.oh,it is a busy week for me.

okay, already late.i have to take bath.bye.

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