Thursday, 3 February 2011

fly to the sky

heyhihello everyone.

im back.hihi.and and sorry again for not keeping updating this blog.i've been busy with homeworks.oh yeah,i have tons and tons of homeworks that have to submit by next week.urgh,im too lazy to do that.i need robot.i just came home last wednesday and now i have to go back to melaka this,time flies too fast.

so this year is not a good year for me.i fought with the boys in my class.and and i really regret.i really sorry for what have i done to you guys and hope you guys can accept my apology.erm,human made misakes and nobody's perfect too right guys.sorry again guys.

i have a lot of fun this holidays.oh wait,i forgot to wish cny to the chinese.sorry.hihi.yesterday,went to my cousins house and celebrated fahmi's birthday.happy belated birthday,fahmi.met cousins and nangkung for the first time.i've been craving to watch this movie since blok f party.

since i've gained weight and in process of lose some weight,i went cycling with my brothers and mom.then,i met shaz.we cycle together and have a small chat about our life.then,i went to sunway with my dad to buy flats for school.oh oh,when i entered cotton on,i saw so many gorgeous flats.the flats are like bling bling and if i have a lot of money i would buy those freaking gorgeous flats.unfortunately,i only have small amount of money and i only bought two pairs of flats.but but,cotton on,save all the flats you have for me.i will buy all of them the next 5 years.haha.

then walked and walked and walked,i saw a domo.oh oh,so cute meh domo.i want one.i really need one.i wish i could have a domo for my birthday.someone,please buy for me.if i given a choice to pick whether a domo or a teddy bear,i absolutely pick domo.hihi.after that went to popular bookstore as usual.yeah,im a bookworm.i need book to live my life.then,went home.

so what i want to do tomorrow so i can enjoy my holidays before school starts.erm,maybe decorate my room.yeah,maybe.or maybe went to the curve and ikea to buy some stuffs to decorate room.thats a brilliant idea,wafa.go and tell your dad so he can cancel his plan and bring you tu ikea.yeah.haha.

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