Saturday, 5 May 2012

Beautiful love story


I never know that arrange marriage is still exist nowadays.Most of the Malays nowadays just like to choose their life partner by their own.But this young woman,let her parents to choose for her.At the age of 20,she already married to a guy that she never love him before.Dena Bahrin share her wonderful love story in her blog.It was amazing.Everybody loves her love story including me.I nearly cry when I read her blog.

Dena Bahrin and her wonderful husband

They look so cute together

Now,I already believe with love after marriage after reading her blog.

Someone who really loves you will show you they want you, will prove that they need you, will remind you they love you. Will put you in the list, " To be in heaven,together,forever."


Zeaf I-sahus said...

Dena Bahrin ni sweet giler~.. Tetapi, da berpunya :'(.. Huhu.. Hha. pebendelah aku nih.. cara laki dye propose mmg stylo giler~

syahiratunadiah said...

yeah love story dia comel sangat :D and her husband is really sincere :')