Friday, 18 May 2012


heyhihello peeps,

result for PILN and PIDN mara has just out yesterday and today.and guess what,i didn't get any offer from mara.pfftt.I was crying the whole day long.I was being an emo girl last night.I got mad,I scold my sister,I used harsh words.I can't accept that I didn't get any offer from mara.Maybe mara didn't like me.haha.

since I didn't get any offer,I will pursue my study in UIA.yeahhh,uiaaa.haha.actually,I want to study at UM.It's my mum's dream.but,well,um didn't like me too perhaps.haha.erm,so UIA,im coming babeyhhh.well,at first,i didn't like uia at all.ya laahh,you have to wear like a long and loose shirt,tudung labuh,wearing socks.urghh,its so much like my previous school okayy.I'm not that kind of girl who always wear socks,loose t-shirt,loose pants and wearing inner's just not me.

Back then in tgb,I didn't wear socks to DS or to prep,my t-shirt was like short and not so loose enough.and well,I admit that I'm anti-badar before this.haha.It was before okay,don't misunderstood it.Now,I'm not anti-badar anymore.haha.

Well,I have to change this whole attitude.I want to be a good person in uia.I want to score 4 flat every sem.ohhh,and and i will be an ustazah nanti.hewhewhew.wish me luck in UIA guyss.hope i can change to be a better person where I could make my parents proud of me.

"Semua tempat itu sama sahaja.Ilmu itu di mana mana.Yang penting kita kena berusaha.Kalau tak berusaha,takkan berjaya"

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Zeaf I-sahus said...

Anti-BADAR? = anti-Putera.

resign BADAR la cmni~

relax Wafa. calm. I did not get any offer from MARA too. The Almighty Allah has set the best of you, just follow the flow Wafa. Insya-Allah, everything is going to be alright..

be confident, Trust Allah and believe in HIM. Insya-Allah. May Allah bless us.