Tuesday, 6 December 2011

spm was finally over

513,you guys are bapak AWESOME

heyhihello guys.
wassup?yeah SPM OVERR.BOO YEAH!this was the time that i've been waiting for since form 1.act,it was last wednesday.i never thought that time flew too fast.now im not a school girl anymore.no more teachers,no more homeworks,no more wardens and so on.back then,i used to say , "bilalah nak habis spm ni,cepatla habis spm.terseksa sekolah ni ," .now,SPM over and and i miss muh school.

i know most of the people especially my juniors often said school sucks and bla bla bla but someday you guys might say "oh,going to school is AWESOME " .its true.you will say this when you finish your spm.trust me.spending time with your friends is much more awesome than spending time doing nothing at home.yeah,im bored.nothing to do.i was just online-ing 24/7.eat and sleep.thats all.i've been thinking to start looking for a job.maybe just ioi.

erm right now if i still in tgb,i must be stay up and studying in front of the door.watching people study late night.i kinda miss surau too.serious.every evening i always go to surau and and solat asar there and and dengar tazkirah by badar.oh i miss it.i miss talking with syana,fat,and and my buddies kat surau during maghrib prayer.i miss doing solat hajat every night.i miss my step sister.her hug.i miss my roomate.elia,nad and razin.i miss you guys a lot.and razin,sape nak kejut subuh ni :( .

i miss stalking aiman hakim.miss lepak-ing at blok purple.miss going to exam hall.i miss ds.i miss all the things there.serious.i want to go back to tgb.tgb is not muh prison actually.tgb is muh home.muh second home.i regret calling tgb as muh prison.this is not true.my heart belong to TGB :)

tgb,i miss you.i will see you next year.                                                                                                        

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Zeaf I-sahus said...

You hated TGB so much before,. haha..
not only you.. most of the studs..
then, the love for TGB came when we left, stepping out from the PRISON(I prefer to call it HELL, but it WAS)