Monday, 5 September 2011

wake up in the morning feeling like nur wafa

the cheerful and energetic face in the morning.look,no panda eyes.yeah.


i will going back to tgb this evening.around 5 o'clock my dad will send me there.gosh,time fly too too fast.i wish i could rewind back the time so that i can use the time wisely.doing all my hw and offline for a while.offline for good.i have a lot of hw to be done.add math paper 2 and bio and chemist and sej.gosh better stay up tonight and finish all your hw by today.

so erm im battling with my insomnia again.yeah,repeat that word.AGAIN.ibu,my insomnia haunting me again.i dont know what to do.i cant sleep even a eyes are wide open.i feel so energetic.i can run around the field right now.erm i dont know why i cant sleep.i didnt drink any caffein at all.i only take my medicine.okay,i have a massive,a boom boom headache last night.dont know why and dont ask why.haha.

trial mara is just around the corner.i supposed to start studying by now.yeah,NOW.but nah.too lazy to study.bak kata ami samsuri,kiamat dah nak dekat.tak payah study.jom kahwin.yeah babeyh.i dont want to study at all.i want to get married and enjoy this fucking life.

okay,i didnt pack anything yet.too lazy again.i will ask my maid to pack for me.ya,im a lazy lazy girl.haha.okay,i have a lot of things to do right now.gotta go.bye.see you next hols.

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