Monday, 31 August 2009


Last Saturday,i wevt 2 meridian cuz i igtkn that day got kelas intensif,unfortunately x de..mle2 dtg igtkn org dh msk kls since i came late..anis pn dtg at the same time with me..she also late..pas2 biler nk msk tgk2,kst mcm skit..x der tuition ker this bibik meridian ni told us that today no so mad..nsb baik my dad x pg pj,i called my dad n said that no tuition..after a few minutes,my dad came..he said that he will straight away go 2 pj instead of sending me,i was like,urghh lth giler dah la mkn roti jer sahur,i pn stuju..then bile dh smpi,he asked me n my brother to stay in the car..ohh,thank god..x pyh nk pnt2 jln kaki,dah la panas plk,i pn ambl pluang 2 snap some pics..hehehe,i was lucky my brother x nmpk or else msti die ckp i ngade2 r some pic that i took.if x nk tgk just close ur eyes,k..

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