Sunday, 5 December 2010

beauty is not in the face,beauty is a light in the hearts


hey, i already stop thinking about him.yeah,i move on babeyh.i motivated myself with some poems,qoutes that i search from internet.find some hot guys.haha.that a must.i dont want to think about him anymore and its time to find hot guys.sounds desperate isnt it but i dont care.

i've been missing my friends at tgb especially 413 hot members.they are like my soul and my everything.i spent my time with them everyday.i never thought that i would have friends like me,they are crazy,hot,gorgeous and sometimes they are like gorillas.haha.

the second day of the school,we have to do some activities with our homeroom members.i was so excited to meet my new friends there.when i first met them i was like, going to be friends like them.oh god,why.they are not hot guys,they are crazy,they call me blur and they are tuuuut.haha.that was my first impression when i met them.and right after that im saying to myself that i want to go home,i dont want to be friends with them,i need to go back to s4 again.they always call me blur cause they said that i have a blury face.this is the first time someone call me blir.maybe cause im not used to hostel and having crazy friends like them.

but i was wrong.totally wrong.altough they are crazy and insane,they are so kind and generous.they are friendly too.they helped me when i have difficulties,they cheer me up when i was down,they gave me some useful advices when i got bad results,they made a suprise for me for my birthday and so much more.for the first sem,im being a quiet girl,bila derong cakap sepatah,i jawab sepatah.yeah,like that.but for the second sem,i always talk and talk and talk.talking craps and everything.being an outspoken person.i had so much fun with regret talking bad bout them at first.

now,i would like to say thank you for being my friend for this whole year.i will never and ever forget you guys.i hope we will be crazy next year.thank you again and i always love you.oh oh,im sorry if i ever made any mistakes to you guys.sorry.

this post is dedicated to 413 class members-

aca -the KINDness and the BOMB,aliah-the CUTEness,faqi,the KOREAN crazy,fiza-the MIMI,hanie-the DORAEMON,elia-the SEXY lady,razin-the CATwoman,ida-the KELANTANess,ami-the VICE pres,fadil-the GOOD ldp,qila-the CADBURY eyes,nad-the DILIGENT ones

izzat-the hr PRES,bull-the PHYSCO guy,alien-the GAY man,irshad-the INTELLIGENT man,acap-mr PRES,syahin-the CHINESE,mus-the GIRAFFE,opal-the CUTE and OPEN guy,haziq-the MANJA ones,putera-the PRINCE of the class,amirul-the HITAM one,ganu-the most QUIET guy,faiz-the BWP

"a good friend is hard to find,hard to lose and impossible to forget"

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